Letters of Delegates to Congress, 1774-1789

"The twenty-six volumes of the Letters of Delegates to Congress, 1774-1789 aims to make available to every student interested in the birth of this nation, all the documents written by delegates that bear directly upon their work during their years of actual service in the First and Second Continental Congresses, 1774-1789. The first twenty-five volumes of text include approximately twenty thousand entries gathered from institutions throughout the world, accompanied by a single cumulative index. Although letters from delegates comprise the preponderance of the entries, there are many diaries, public papers, essays, and other documents. The volumes provide the means for a comprehensive, in-depth examination of the operations of the Continental Congress during the critical years of the founding of the United States."

Besides being available at El Paso Public Library (Government Documents Collection), Letters of Delegates to Congress, 1774-1789 can be found at this Library of Congress website: http://www.memory.loc.gov/ammem/amlaw/lwdglink.html